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    Co-ops, farms, CSAs: Find one near you!

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    This past week was a week for me to search into local co-ops, nearby farms (though in Miami... the nearest is still a few hours away), etc., in order to have access to quality fruits/vegetables without going to Whole Paycheck. I've found a couple places, and thought that making a list would be a cool thing to do. At the same time, why not have other MDA posters do the same for their areas? It'd be great to have a quick resource for people wanting to find organic/pastured meats/fruits/vegetables/other, as well as introduce some posters to places they've not seen or known.

    So, here are my results for Florida... -- Organic Produce Buying Club of South Florida ...... I'm considering joining this group. $49 for two weeks' worth of fruit/vegetables. Other fruit available for $20/two weeks. -- Healthy Habits Organic Produce ...... Also in South Florida. This is the other group I'm considering. $52/two weeks and a fruit share for $23/two weeks. -- Organic farm meats in Citra, Florida, southwest of Jacksonville

    This map gives more information on organic/family farms in Florida that provide meat (beef, chickens, etc.).

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    I finally decided to join a CSA in my area a few weeks ago....LOVE it. Its taking some adjusting to my menus to plan around seasonal veggies that show up in my box, but its been so nice to have organic local produce delivered within a couple miles of my home each week at a good price. Have to do your research, but there are some great farms out there!

    I posted a few links at the bottom of this post to help search for CSA's in your area.

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    LOL! I joined a honey CSA just a few months before the lightbulb went on about simple and excess carbs. Dang it! I guess my friends are all going to be getting flavored honeys for Christmas.

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    yes, a very good idea. keep things local and cost is LOW! we get all of our lard, grass-fed beef and chix, and butter through our raw milk co-op (not the milk though). could never ever look back!!!!! contact me if you're in ohio and interested.
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    I found quite a few local farms, CSAs and farmer's markets at

    You can plug in your zip code for anywhere in the U.S. to find info for your area.

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    I love my CSA! Has been interesting finding edible ways to use kale, though...

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