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Thread: Help-I have 685 MDA Emails!

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    Hi All-

    I posted a comment to the challenge topics on the home page and I forgot to uncheck the box that says "email me when someone replies to this post" Well now I have hundreds of emails in my in-box and although I would love to hear what everyone has to say this is getting a bit out of hand! Can anyone tell me how to turn it off? Thanks in advance!

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    lol ... that's awesome.

    Can't you unsuscribe?

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    haha. I saw that little box and thought how crappy it would be to accidentially check it. They should stop sometime soon, or at least slow down. lol. Sorry but i dont know how to uncheck it though...

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    That's hilarious. Can you create a message filter so they are automatically sent to another folder, or deleted?

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    Ha! Sorry you had to deal with the comment explosion. That is pretty funny. I suppose a mass delete is called for, eh? Looks like that comment board is pretty much wrapped up.

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