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Thread: My Aerobic Base Training As An OCR Athelete

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    My Aerobic Base Training As An OCR Athelete

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    I have been following the advice in Primal Endurance and struggled with what type of aerobic training to do as an obstacle course racer. I detailed some of the workouts I do in this blog post. Hoping this might be helpful for others as well.

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    Hey Ryan, I'm an OCR athlete as well. Running is the number one aerobic exercise I'd focus on. I would definitely throw in some rowing; this will help keep the upper body engaged during the 8 week base build.

    Live Well, Do Good.

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    I'm late to the party, but work and life have caused me to be away fro MDA for a while.

    My question is, is long distance running necessary to train for most OCR's?
    I'm thinking along the lines of the Battle Frog, Ranger Dash, and a couple of other local/statewide events that benefit military and 1st responders.

    I have a nagging knee injury from the military and more than a few other issues from 30 years of law enforcement, police car/police motorcycle crashes, martial arts and too many years of conventional weightlifting until I saw the MDA light

    I can run, but long distances kill me!

    I currently combine a modified "old school" weightlifting routine using moderate weight, 10-12 reps per set, 2-3 sets with very strict form, with an again modified functional fitness routine. I do the functional fitness 3 days/week, and the weightlifting 1-2 days, depending on whether I hit the gym 4/5 days per week (mostly dependent upon work schedules).

    For cardio, I use the stationary bike and rowing machines, no more than 10-15 minutes each session as a warm up, and cool down.
    I usually do a HITT routine on the bike. I use battle ropes during each functional fitness session and keep my rest periods to less than 1 minute between any exercise.

    Finally, I use the stair stepper on it's lower settings, and place emphasis on "climbing", long steps skipping 1-2 steps, to focus on the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. I don't see or feel a real cardio benefit here, but it seems to help me build some strength and endurance in those muscle groups to climb/push, needed to clear an obstacle. I also use the sleds to push and pull for legs.

    All that said, is running all that necessary to prepare for one of these events?
    I can deal with the injuries (thanks to Ibuprophen and wraps) for the duration of the run at an event.

    BTW, I'm a month away from the big "60", and have no design on trying to win one of these events.
    I just want to complete it and cross the finish line under my own power LOL.

    Any thought?

    "Live Primally, Train Practically, Prepare Tactically..."

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