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Thread: Sesame Seed Mess

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    Sesame Seed Mess

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    Hi everybody,
    I am a fan of sesame seeds & like to soak them in water to remove enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid, polyphenols, etc. After soaking, I place them in a big round Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator (it looks like this: The process of getting the seeds in & out of the dehydrator is tedious & wasteful. I use a spoon to delicately move them take the seeds in & out of the dehydrator. However, they scatter inside & outside of the machine. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make the process more efficient?

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    Perhaps a layer of cheesecloth above and below the seed layer will keep them more confined. Although some seed may stick to the cloth I think they will flick off easily.
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