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    Hey everybody!

    So here's the deal...I'm 58 years old. Used to be into chronic cardio (marathons, 50Ks, 50 mile races). I always carried some extra weight but it didn't really bother me. When I entered races. I was comfortable being in the back of the pack. As long as I eventually finished, I was happy.

    A couple years ago I began training with kettle bells. Then bar bells. Then I began to learn power lifting. I got hooked on lifting heavy things. Marathons distances decreased to occasional 10Ks. Instead of calluses on my feet, calluses are on my hands.

    Fast forward to last week. I registered for a Tactical Strength Challenge in April. Master division, 'cause I'm kind of old. The Challenge has 3 events. Barbell deadlift. I'm working on increasing my weight. Here's a photo of me lifting around 185 lbs..

    Maximum kettle bell snatches in 5 minutes. Still do-able. I'm working on it.

    Here's the big magilla.
    In the Master division, I have to complete at least 1 DEAD HANG PULL UP!!

    I have 12 weeks. As of today, I can only do negatives.

    Know what will make this easier?
    Losing some weight.

    My Primal Challenge starts today...

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    Welcome Lori! You are awesome!
    My journal - The Walrus:

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    If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having. ~ Henry Miller

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    Current thread on doing pull ups:

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