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Thread: Has anyone tried "Smart Chicken"?

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    Has anyone tried "Smart Chicken"?

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    My local market had a bunch of the products from this company on sale for $2.99 a pound:

    They didn't have the organic products, but they did have a bunch of the sausages and the ground chicken. I don't care about the fact that they're so lean, because I can always drown them in sauteed onions or guacamole or cashews. I'm just wondering about the taste. Has anyone tried any of the sausages?

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    I haven't seen these in my market yet, but looking around their website, I will be interested in the feedback from any of our fellow PB enthusiasts.
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    We have the Organic and " All Natural" line here in NC, I get them when it's on sale, not the Sausage though, they don't have those. I get whole organic chickens, and Leg Quarters and love them very much. Good and Fatty, and Organic.

    Edited to Add: It's hard to get local pastured chicken around here, the Farmers Markets sell out so fast, so it's a great option to get them in the regular Grocery store. I love Chicken so much that my Husband and Father in Law are waiting for the heat to break to begin construction on my CHICKEN HOUSE! Yes, that is correct, gonna raise hens to I don't have to rely on fighting over eggs at the farmer's markets anymore, and as a bonus, My Hubby and Father in Law are very skilled at processing chickens for eating once their career of laying eggs ceases. YAY for ME!
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    So...I tried two of the products.

    First, I had the sweet sausage. Eh, wasn't crazy about the seasonings.

    Then yesterday I browned up the 93/7 ground chicken. It was FABULOUS. It had so much flavor it almost tasted like a mild sausage. Hope they still have more; I want to fill up my freezer! Oh, and I was wrong about the price; it was only $1.99 a pound!

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