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Thread: Primal Journal (Iskander)

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    In Search of Home (Primal Journal: Iskander)

    Well, I'm not big on journals, but I figure it might keep me motivated if folks know what I'm up to. So, here it is.

    I just got a pullup bar for my apartment today, tried it out, and was able to do 7 pullups (before going primal, I couldn't do any). Don't want to push myself today, though, since I have an athletic event that'll require my arms still be attached to my body.

    Foodwise, I'm not doing too well. x_x Carbs in drinks are what get me (like a bolthouse farms vanilla chai smoothie). Also, mozzarella sticks have way more carbs than I thought... Gave up soda and fruit juice recently, and I'mma give up all carby drinks in restaurant. I also don't eat enough... Tell myself I'll IF for a day or two a week and end up doing it for four days, not eating anything until after six or seven. Not really too hungry before then, though. A coffee with heavy cream in the morning tends to hold me until then.
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