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Thread: How did you kick the caffeine habit?

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    haha these junkies at work cant even move in the morning before they get their fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemonFreshScent View Post
    I guess I just don't like the idea that if I were stranded somewhere or there was an emergency, if I don't have coffee... I'd be useless. I don't want to have an addiction to a drug daily. Thats all

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    +1 for cold turkey. Coffee drinker since 14 so about 25 solid years of coffee. I took tylenol for the headaches which lasted a couple of days then just stopped. Does this mean you're going to give up chocolate and any other products that contain cafeine too?

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    I did a day or two of black tea, then a day or two of green tea to slowly reduce the caffeine intake. Now I do decaf coffee because I love the taste, not just the caffeine.

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    I've gone back and forth on coffee. I tend to slip into caffeine dependency quite easily - and my "one" cup a day will sometimes end up being 4 or 5. When I get to that point, I go through the process of weaning again - only to start up a few months later swearing I won't become reliant on it for energy.

    At this point, I'm drinking 1 - 2 cups per morning with heavy cream. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

    To quit drinking coffee, I started drinking tea instead. I found the ritual of having some sort of warm beverage in the morning to be enough to keep me from actually drinking coffee. The headaches lasted about a week, and were the worst part.

    I find I feel best when I've replaced my morning cup with matcha tea. I know matcha contains caffeine but I find the energy from a cup of matcha is far more sustaining and I am much less dependent on it. Maybe a good comprimise.

    Good luck!
    ~primal mama to 3~

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    half caf baby

    The thing that people sometimes forget is the ritual part of drinking coffee.

    For me few things are better than my first cup of coffee in the morning.

    People talk about needing their coffee in the morning for the buzz or that they are useless before their morning coffee or whatever, but the truth is that the cup of coffee in the morning is actually a relaxing and soothing experience (before the caf jolt). It signals a new day and starts it with a pleasureful experience. I hope to never give it up. However I can easily go without caffeine.

    The question I have is how much coffee do you drink- and is coffee your primary source of caf coffee?

    A couple years ago I was drinking a lot of reg coffee and then missed a day and had a screaming headache that night. I decided to cut right then.

    So I started grinding half reg, half de-caf. First of all, you can't tell the difference in taste especially if you are getting premium coffees. Second you are getting half the amount of caffeine immediately. I think I may have had to drink a few extra cups a day at first to get the caffeine but I think that was more psychological than anything else. If you feel that you need to drink more half caf in the beginning then let yourself. I never got headaches from the immediate lesser dose.

    Your body will get use to accepting your caffeine "doses" as smaller. Do this for a couple of weeks, a month. Start mixing in full decaf for your afternoon coffee if you drink in the afternoon. Then try to make your morning coffee a decaf.

    Throughout the month try to get down to an average of 2-3 cups a day. It shouldn't be hard at this point to get down to drinking just 1-3 cups a day of half-caf

    After a couple weeks or a month cut down to 1/4 caf. Do this for a couple weeks, then just go to drinking decaf.

    I have made the assumption that you love to drink coffee, if this is not the case then just drink half caf for a couple weeks while slowly replacing full cups of your afternoon half caf with full on decaf once or twice in your day.

    The key is that you will be used to drinking coffee without getting caffeine. Then you can just stop whenever you like. The nice thing is that once you are over the caf addiction and do want a cup of coffee for the flavor you can always have a de-caf.

    The truth is that if you are going Primal then you should be getting enough sleep and eating right so the need for coffee as a pick me up drug is not necessary because you shouldn't have the energy spikes. Therefore it's just a matter of breaking the habit/ritual. As I say drinking coffee for me is a "habit" or "ritual" I happen to love and do not want to give up, however I can easily go without caffeine now.

    So tomorrow purchase good quality de-caf and enjoy.

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    Excercise in the morning instead of having your coffee, the endorphins will give you that energy boost. Drink some decaf if you must, make it weaker than usual. I had some coffee this morning and now I'm paying for it, having some crashes and feeling a bit drained. I feel much better when I just workout in the morning.

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    I've gone cold turkey and hated being coffee-less. Did not make me a happy person. My current rule is 3 cups max / day, with the afternoon one coming by 4 at the latest. At some point I might cut out the PM cup but that is an addiction tougher than smoking was.

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    i just switched to decaf. it still has some caffeine, but trace amounts, and I never had more than one cup per day, so I feel absolutely no effects from 1 cup of decaf coffee. I've even drank it at 10pm and was able to fall fast asleep.

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