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Thread: Early Morning Workouts and Preworkout Meal

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    Early Morning Workouts and Preworkout Meal

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    Well, my first Primal Post! Exciting!

    I am looking for some success stories or advice from those of you who workout in the early morning. On my early morning workouts I get up usually around 4:00am and get to the gym by 5:00am to get a quick workout in before I go to work at 6:00am.

    I would consider myself advanced fitness enthusiast. Before I went Primal a month ago, I used to eat a bowl of cereal or high energy granola bar before the workout. Now, I am wondering what the best food to eat is to jump start my body and have energy to make it through my workout without feeling lethargic.

    Also, any thoughts on early morning workouts? I usually do weight training early in the morning, but is cardio okay to do?

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    I have a coconut milk smoothie in the mornings, I blend it with almond milk and chocolate protein powder (MSG, BSH and wheat free). Within about 10 minutes of drinking this I'm the freaking energizer bunny. NO more dragging my ass in the mornings lemmie tell ya. I only drink about a cup worth (total) and literally feel the fuel hitting my blood stream.

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    I am on a very similar schedule and I have a commercial pre-workout drink at 4:30 and workout at 5:00. I know it is very UNprimal but it works for me.

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    I work out in the mornings. No motivation to do it at night usually. No pre-workout meals here. I go at it with an empty stomach.

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    I'm doing a "boot camp" type thing, Mon-Thurs. I generally have a hard boiled egg and a handful of nuts before I go. If I'm feeling extra draggy, I'll add a little fruit.
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    I workout very early in the mornings as well and don't have anything to eat before-hand. Bogs me down. Working out in a fasted state is an amazing feeling. You should try it at least once to see how you perform in this state.

    What kind of workouts are you doing?
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    Does working out in the morning give you more energy throughout the day? I never work out in the mornings but I am willing to try because I am soooo exhausted at the end of the work day and I have a desk job!

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    I've been considering a pre-breakfast workout. I don't like lifting on a full stomach and I like to gorge down a massive breakfast so I don't have to worry about being hungry and buying crap foods.

    @ Anne: I don't know about extra energy, but work outs leave me feeling relaxed and more calm.

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