when it comes to: if its better to have hard to digest(more energy used to break down food) Vs. easier to digest( nutrients are absorbed faster and more of them) carbs, i think both are great. i eat the higher starch/tuber/root(easy to digest) carbs raw and the leafy greens(harder to digest) slightly cooked so i have a mix of raw and cooked food on my plate. when veggies are raw, they have digestive enzimes in them to help break down food in your gut, but some veggies(mostly green) have so much fiber that people do not have a gut that's strong enough to break down the fiber so you cant absorb the nutrients. cooking softens the fiber is greens so you can break them sow easier whaile the higher starch i go raw because most of them have very high enzime profiles and less fiber.
sorry if this post doesnt go with the topic, i saw some people posting about it and i thought i would give mythoughts on it