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Thread: Dropping Dairy-Substitutes?

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    I know this has been discussed a bit, but I'm finding it a bit hard to drop dairy from my primal living in part due to the protein content. For example, I use a great organic grass fed cow milk for my morning protein shakes, cottage cheese or faya w/ fruit, and perhaps some can I cut this down but keep my fat/protein levels up? Anything outside of almonds?

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    Are you a vegetarian? If not, eat more animal protein, healthy natural fats - lard, butter, tallow, coconut oil.

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    Don't forget eggs!! I would think a protein shake would have lots of protein already, no? And be sure that you add a spoonful of almond butter or coconut oil to the shake so you have some healthy fat in the meal as well.

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    Nope not a vegetarian at all, I do eat plenty of meats. I guess its more of a during the work day kind of snack deal. Dairy like the yogurt or cottage cheese is a great addition to a fruit.

    I definitely eat eggs and add the spoonfuls to me protein. Perhaps I get enough and need to just track it better.

    I just want to stay full during the day at work.

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    "I just want to stay full during the day at work. "

    CoreyB, what helped me with this very thing was being sure to use plenty of pure pastured pork lard in cooking all my meals. As long as I use a nice big spoonful for all my meals, then my energy level is good and solid for my busy workday!

    Oh, and I eat a "dinner" basically for every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner are all pretty similar. A meat/fish, a veggie or two, and fat (lard).

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