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    Primal Journal v2 (Mike Ratcliffe)

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    Around 5 November 2014 I got really bad cramps in my calf. When I say bad I mean unbelievable pain and a big twitching lump on my calf. I went to hospital and the doctor was concerned because the cramp had injured my leg so badly that I could no longer walk properly. I started to get pains in my chest and figured that I needed to back off before I had a heart attack.

    So I stopped being primal and weigh in at 136.1kg. This time I truly feel like this is a change in lifestyle rather than a diet so I will not be tracking weight loss every day but will use this as a journal and log my weight as an incidental at the end of each post.

    Obviously my weight needs to come down though so back to the pattern I used before:

    1. Fast day: Water and stock only with a pickle here and there.
    2. Feast day: Eat a single meal at 18:00.
    3. Back to 1.

    I have discovered that when I fast if I get hungry I can eat two pickled gherkins (cucumbers) and my hunger completely vanishes. Not that I have needed it... the first week has been really easy and I haven't really felt any hunger.

    I have decided to use Oral Rehydration Fluid whenever my calf starts to ache to prevent cramps and it works perfectly... I am sure the pickles help too but I don't want to take any risks there. When you fast you take in zero nutrients on fast days meaning that you need double the nutrients on feast days. To overcome this I am taking supplements each day.

    This time round IF feels completely normal... just over a week into it and I have started to get really hungry on fast days but the way I see it is that on one day I eat food and on the next I eat my fat.

    I am feeling really good with a good level of energy. I am not feeling the brain fog that I experienced last time so I am easily able to do my job as a computer programmer.

    My right calf is still damaged from the serious cramp I experienced last time but that acts as a kind of a barometer for my electrolytes. I obviously need to take that seriously so for now as soon as my calf starts to feel uncomfortable I make myself some Oral Rehydration Fluid (designed to replace electrolytes)... no cramps so far.

    Ordered a bunch of recipe books and a pressure cooker... I needed really simple, quick recipes so I ordered:
    1. Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans: Over 100 Nomtastic Recipes!
    2. Make-Ahead Paleo : Healthy Gluten-, Grain- & Dairy-Free Recipes Ready When & Where You Are
    3. Weeknight Paleo: 9 Weeks of Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Meals
    4. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Litre, 1000 W, Brushed Stainless Steel/Black

    My plan is to be able to prep a few foods during the weekend and cook using them during the week with a minimum of prep time.

    Weigh in:
    22 Oct: 136.1kg - Absolutely devastated that my weight has increased so much... need to lose it for my kids sake.
    30 Oct: 131.6kg - Happy with my progress so far but very aware that lots of loss at this stage will be water.
    2 Nov: 129.8kg - Surprised that I dropped so much over two days and starting to feel really hungry.
    4 Nov: 129.2kg - Still hungry but I feel like it is getting easier. Disappointed at only dropping 0.6kg in two days but I know I should be happy that it is going in the right direction.
    8 Nov: 128.7kg - Feeling good and starting to enjoy cooking and eating recipes made with real food... sure, I enjoy meet and veg but life is a lot more enjoyable with a few decent recipes.
    9 Nov: Lots of stomach pains and diarrhea, so a pretty miserable fast day... I know from past experience to simply continue as I am when I am sick.
    11 Nov: I had cauliflower rice for the first time yesterday. My local supermarket sells it along with a version made from a mixture of veg... all I can say is wow, stir a madras into it and it really is just like curry and rice!
    12 Nov: 125.6kg - that is a 3.1kg loss over 4 days. I suspect it may go up next time because that can't be real weight loss but no complaints. I have stopped feeling hungry at this point.
    Also tried spaghetti squash in my pressure cooker today but it was more of a spaghetti mush... seems like 7 minutes really is all it takes.
    18 Nov: 123.2kg - Surprised to still see my weight dropping at this rate but no complaints. Seems like one of the secrets of staying paleo is to make actual recipes. Not to say that there is anything wrong with a plate of meat and veg but there is nothing so nice as a slow cooked madras over a bed of cauliflower rice.
    22 Nov: 122.5kg Wow, the one month mark is here already. I am not surprise that I have not lost as much in the last few days because I am sick so my body will be holding on to more water.

    So the end of month one is here and I am loving the foods I am eating. Seems like the trick really is to prepare complete recipes where possible.

    Weight loss this month: 13.6kg (30 lbs)

    28 Nov: 120kg Two kilos over six days isn't bad at all... especially because I have been totally stuffing myself at dinner time on feast days. I have been eating a lot of mackerel to keep up my Omegas and lots of slow cooked chicken for the gelatine... I need that to help my skin shrink back to size.

    I am under no illusion though, when I have lost the bulk of my stomach fat I will have a heckuvalotta "loose skin" so I will need to burn a lot of my subcutaneous fat to allow my skin to shrink back.

    4 Dec: 119.5kg For my latest meal I had Pizza as an experiment... interesting that this was also my smallest weight loss so far and that my fast day was sooo difficult because I was hungry all the time.

    6 Dec:
    118.1kg Feeling a lot better now. Weight back on track.

    15 Dec: 120.6kg Spent a week working away with large breakfasts, lunches and dinners. A lot of weight to gain in a week but clearly not a normal situation.

    17 Dec: 118.8kg Weight on it's way back down... feels very natural.

    25 Dec: 116kg A nice Christmas present to be back on track weight-wise. I have somehow pulled my internal obliques so I am in a lot of pain but I guess it is natural that as I lose weight I will begin to gain more flexibility and use muscles that I haven't used for a while. Using muscles that have atrophied is bound to result in some injuries before they get stronger.

    I have decided to eat fairly normally over the Christmas period so that I can more fully join in the festivities with my family.
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    If you are interested in my progress you can see it here.

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