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    Primal Blueprint Journal (Kager)

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    I have decided it is time to give the 21 day challenge a shot. I will be beginning next week. In the meantime, I am reading the seemingly unlimited stash of articles from Mark to make sure I have a clear understanding of how eating this way affects your body, how much protein/carbs/fat I need on average per day, what foods are acceptable, and a plethora of other things, including coming up with a general meal plan.

    I feel that if I were to just give it a shot without the extra research, a meal plan, and a dedicated shopping trip, I would undoubtedly short myself on protein and fat, thus causing my body not to perform the processes properly, and in turn eventually causing me to give up.

    This is a huge commitment for me as I am essentially addicted to sugar. Nearly all of my favorite foods are sugary processed junk, grains, and processed dairy. I do plan to include raw cheese and occasionally raw milk in my diet, otherwise there would be no hope whatsoever of this being a successful venture.

    I am a 5'5" 22 year-old woman and my weight currently fluctuates between 145 and 150 lbs.


    1. Improve my overall health and physical fitness
    2. Lose excess fat
    3. Have more energy throughout the day
    4. Learn to enjoy eating healthy food
    5. Increase muscle strength
    6. Do away with constant sugar cravings
    7. Feel comfortable about my body

    Okay, back to the research! If you have any tips for getting through carb flu, send them my way. I'm sure it is going to be terribly unpleasant.


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    Hey, I am a newbie as well.
    Feel your pain with the sugar, I have such a sweet tooth. There is a post here somewhere on carb flu.
    read through loads of it and I think everyone is different and you just have to ride it out. who knows
    you might be one of the lucky ones. I'm only 5 days in feeling pretty good so far and have lost 5lbs!!!!
    Good luck

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