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    Why are people so eager for others to fail?

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    So I've been primal since March and i've lost almost 70 lbs.

    Living with my husband's parents I have to exercise the 80/20 rule as I have little to no control over dinner...However I do go 100% primal the rest of the time and can do such things as avoiding the corn and bread at dinner.

    Anyways, well my husband's mother made this amaaazing dish of stuffed pasta shells. She makes them once in a blue moon but since I was not home for dinner that night I missed out. So I threw some of the leftovers in for my lunch the next day (today).

    People looked at me in awe! So many of them jump to "give up on your diet!?" or "no meat salad today, hummm?" They all look at me like, "HA! He fell off the band wagon." I smile and reply "I treat myself every once in a while to something less than healthy. That's what makes this work. It's not a 100% strict diet forever. There is wiggle room."

    People never question what I wear, what I read, what I listen to, who i have sex with, or anything else... but FOOD! It says something strange about our culture now days that people are so obsessed with health and food and what others are eating yet the majority of us humans are fat!
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    Misery loves company
    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
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    I hear you. No-one except family knows I'm eating meat yet...

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    Went on a long rant about this in my post but decided to just say"crab in a bucket". People always try to pull down someone trying to get out the "bucket"
    One of the biggest reasons why support is so necessary when it comes to any lifestyle choice. Its easy to get pulled back down.
    *hug* hope you enjoyed your 20% and looking good, btw
    Calm the f**k down.

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    its some kind of deep pyschological thing. people often dont even realize they are doing it. probably due to their own insecurities of their unhealthy lifestyle. like some other posters say : misery loves company, like crabs in a boiling pot of water. noone can climb out, they are pulled back in.

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    Dang. Fantasteak results. *F* um. +1 for Crab in a bucket. Great response, btw, and finding a way to fit Primal into your situation. WTG overall!!
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    my heavy drinking, smoking, pasta-eating eating chubby friend likes to tell me that all the beef im eating is cancer-causing. shes funny.

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    Why are people so eager for others to fail?
    Some people are eager for others to fail. The psychological reason is ressentiment. Nietzsche wrote extensively about it. He wasn't really that good a philosopher but he was an acute psychologist.

    It's one of the tensions endemic to any kind of social life.

    One interesting question, particularly to people here who have a "primal" bent, would be "How did primitive people deal with tensions of this sort?" The answer to that, according to René Girard is blood sacrifice:

    Primitive societies, Girard argues, are invaded by ‘mimetic desire’, as rivals struggle to match each other’s social and material acquisitions, so heightening antagonism and precipitating the cycle of revenge. The solution is to identify a victim, one marked by fate as ‘outside’ the community and therefore not entitled to vengeance against it, who can be the target of the accumulated blood-lust, and who can bring the chain of retribution to an end. Scapegoating is society’s way of recreating ‘difference’ and so restoring itself. By uniting against the scapegoat people are released from their rivalries and reconciled. Through his death the scapegoat purges society of its accumulated violence.

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    Schadenfreude (pronounced /ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/ German pronunciation: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə]) is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
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    Ressentiment sounds like the answer to this question. Through out history tye persecution of one group united others under one cause. I never actually knew the term for it though. Eff them Jay, their just jealous.
    "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

    "A pound of meat a day keeps the doctor away"

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