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    Quote Originally Posted by PMAC View Post
    Why does every dairy post have to have someone say "it's for calves not for people". Food is "for" whomever or whatever consumes it. Just because someone or thing chooses not to consume a food does not mean it is not meant to be consumed by others. Eat what makes you feel good and don't eat what makes you feel bad. As Robb Wolf says: If you have a question about a food, remove it from your diet for a month and see how you look, perform and feel. Folks putting other peoples practices down on this forum gets old.
    I do apologize if it's my comment you were referring to... All I was saying is that I can understand that line of thinking. I was certainly not intending to put down other people's practices, especially since, like I said, I still eat lots of dairy myself!

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    I haven't made a big effort to avoid dairy ... but I've found that I just don't go looking for it anymore. Mostly just some shredded cheddar or jack melted on top of things -along with the full-fat sour cream, of course But it's a couple of ounces a week, tops.

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    No offense taken. Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm ingesting far less milk than I used to (1 gallon of skim a week - down to 1qt of whole) but eating more butter. My cheese consumption stays fairly low because I can't have cheese without crackers (it's a texture thing)

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    It seems to be 50-50....

    I pesonally eat raw cheese once in a great while when I decide to buy it. I hope to try raw milk soon and will be buying ghee soon too.
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    I eat butter and sometimes cream. I avoid all other dairy as much as I can. I have no use for milk in cooking anymore since I don't do mashed potatoes or creamy casseroles with Campbell's soups....mmmm, damn. I miss creamed chicken over rice.

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    Hard to get where I am but raw cheese was just sanctioned...........Picked up some aged pecorino with huge veins and large deposits of black didn't last long, but it was 50 bucks well spent.

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    I wish I could get raw dairy up here ... but I do eat lots of heavy cream and cheese (especially brie and goats cheese... mmm), and I consume whey protein on most days as well. I find I can digest low carb dairy without any problems; stuff like yogurt and cottage cheese on the other hand tends to give me some bloating issues, but I still eat greek yogurt from time to time (especially mixed with canned pumpkin & spices ).

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    In order of consumption:

    Cottage Cheese

    Don't have access to raw milk in my area, but I would definitely give it a try if it were.

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    Oh and I drink kefir Milk, cheese, cream, butter, and sometimes the occasional glass of milk.

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