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Thread: A fasting skeptic speaks... (A chapter of the nut-free saga) page 3

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    I am still a fan of IFing. While, I'm by no means power lifting my strength has been increasing while my body fat is declining. I usually eat twice a day in a four to six hour window these days on a fairly high protein diet.
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    It would be a cold day in hell when I throw away IF out of my life.

    Ive been naughy lately, lots of traveling and such, and IF was the thing that kept me sane, and help not to gain weight back.

    So yeah IF when well applied is just awesome!:

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    I like a fast every now and then. Would like to do them more often. I need to get the timings right though - that and some good old fashioned willpower

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    I like working out in a fasted state, in the morning, and then having my first meal of the day after that. Good energy levels. If you knew me before going primal, this would be astonishing as I used to be disfunctional without breakfast.

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    I have been IFing for the last 2 months 1 time a week. I usually got from 2 pm-8am (18 hours). last week I went from 12pm tuesday until 8am Thursday (32 hours). It was awsome, I felt great. So now somebody here turned me on to a podcast called "the paleolithic solution",I am completely hooked, these guys are great. I highly reccomend it for tweaking purposes. Anyway my point is that they say all you need to do is fast 16 hours to get the benefits. More can be detromental. So now i'm confused. All the PB bloggers are almost bragging about how long they can go. I feel I could do 16 hours every night with the proper motivation. BTW my plan is to try the 32 hour thing again this week(tonight). The warden is giving me zuchini linguini for my final meal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGrappler View Post
    In response to the first post, 18 hour fast is pretty good, if you made it that far without food you can always incorporate 16 hour fasts with 8 hour feeding windows, and dude becareful, nuts are freaking delicious, but they are calorie bombs of doom. A handful is like impossible for everyone i know, and the omega 3:6 ratio is a ll effed up, if your into that sort of thing.
    Oh I know I know! Its the worst. Thats what 'drove' me to do this 'nut-free month' as well as fast to begin with!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGrappler View Post
    IF works better for some more than others. I LOVE it...
    Me too. I continue to have astonishing results 3 months into my program. I see no reason for me to ever give up IFing. It is a way of life I embrace with complete confidence. If we're trying to connect with our ancestral pre-agricultural habits, I believe it is as important to IF as it is to eat omnivorously and clean. Breakfast and lunch are fabrications of the agriculture industry which produces (and profits from) more food than we can and should eat (which in turn produces obesity epidemics). For me consuming those meals takes joy from the daily feast that could replace them both. IFing is not only a healthier and more natural way to live, it is more satisfying (for those with the mental will and physical metabolsim to create the habit).

    The more I read about fasting from laypeople in forums to the gurus and in actual research, the more clearly I see a pattern emerging. The first one is what a great answer this is for morbidly obese people with the determination to alter their appetites, correct autoimmune issues, and cool inflammation. Research indicates those at a healthy weight may even better reap the same life long benefits.

    The second one is about age and a little involved to explain in detail here; but briefly, from infancy to a point in young adult life, frequent meals seem decreasingly less important, but necessary for many. That down regulates quickly (when natural/genetic growth ceases) and a meal a day becomes optimal for adult life through the stage where growth begins to decline. The elderly prone to end life onset anorexia again could benefit from eating like infants. This hypothesis has a way to go, but there is a ton of support for it. A third pattern is easily stressed or highly obsessive people do not handle cortisol well and do not easily connect with their inner grok and the benefits of fasting.

    I also am finding peak athletic performance, lifting and sprinting, comes about 16-20 hours into a fast. There could be another evolutionary mechanism that primes a hunter's abilities during some point of a fast, before key nutrients deplete, that helps him score a kill. We evolved from a feast or famine culture that often had to find the feast in a state of famine. It makes sense. Sight hound hunters discovered long ago that a fasted hungry animal is more game, has better endurance, and makes more kills than a well fed beast. Dog fighters (sick as they are) also know the hungry dog generally whips the well fed one. Lack of food makes you game. It sharpens your senses. It increases your will. And it makes the food you eventually eat taste like victory.

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    I can't believe no one has mentioned something of this importance from your post...

    pomegranate-vanilla flavored cashews????

    OMG! I have never heard of such a flavour and am intrigued! I'm glad I haven't been offered anything like that because I think I would have to try them as well.

    Oh ya and IFing and lifiting you may want to check out if you haven't already for some info.
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    Hey Grappler - nice post.

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    IF isn't for everyone but it has its uses. If you are busy a lot during the day and don't want to spend much time on food, IF is for you. If food is controlling your life like a drug, IF is for you. It helps a lot with insulin sensitivity and the lack of it. If you enjoy the satisfaction of building up hunger and then unleashing into food with a primal urge, IF may be for you. Many report having more energy during the day once adapted to IF'ing, no slump, just constant energy. I've noticed this when IF'ing before. But I also noticed it on a zero carb diet as well where I ate throughout the day.

    Basically, when it comes to lifting weights and gaining, your results have to do with your program, how much you eat (important) and how much good protein you are eating. If you don't eat over maintenance, you just aren't going to grow a lot of muscle after your beginner adaptations. It requires a good surplus. And it doesn't matter much at all when you eat as long as you take in enough food to recover.

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