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Thread: Bagged me some...

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    Jul 2010

    Bagged me some...

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    Just got myself some Bison and Venison steaks!
    Any tips on what way to cook them?
    They look amazing =D!
    found a great store that sells all sorts of meat today in Belfast about 20 mile away..
    They sell crocodile, snake, boar, ostrage..kangaroo..all that crazy stuff..
    so i'll be trying some of that out pretty soon too.

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    Grill them over a very hot fire... the hotter the better... or try the Tarzan-method: work up a good bed of coals; blow off all the ash, then lay the steaks right down on the coals. This gives a nice bit of char on the outside and the inside will be nice and rare. PLEASE don't cook well-done. The flavor ends up like a slab of dried out liver.

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    Cook the Venison LOW AND SLOW. If you overcook venison it gets extremely rough and chewy, it needs a low heat and to just cook forever. There is no such thing as marinating venison to long, put that thing in a marinate and forget it for a day or two.

    for instance when i make venison chili i leave the pot on the stove for 3+hours but when it gets done that venison is falling apart.

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    Heat up a caste iron pan, slap in some buttah, kiss the venison on each side very quickly, serve while inside is very rare, any other method is blasphemy! Now next time go out and "harvest" some on your own and they will taste that much better........
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    Just remember that bison cooks much faster than beef! It's a very lean steak, so definitely add butter or bacon or something to increase the fat. I usually salt the steak for about 10 minutes, then use a medium grill, throw it on for 5 minutes total, pull it off. Like all steaks, let it rest before eating.

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