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Thread: My VLC success and the finding of this site

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    My VLC success and the finding of this site

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    I went into Ketosis for many months. I lost 50 lbs and my biometrics improved into the "normal" range.

    After a while, I quit trying to stay in Ketosis and I gained a little weight (no surprise). I still kept most of it off, so I was very happy. However, after several months, I started getting real tired during the day and had very little energy at night.

    I went back in to ketosis and immediately got my energy back. I started wondering if my energy issues were being caused by constantly going in and out of ketosis. You know, after making the diet changes needed to go into ketosis, it became very easy to stay in but not so easy to stay out. Well... without going overboard on carbs.

    I found this site, read many articles and after a month of staying out of ketosis, and targeting around about 100g of carbs per day, my energy levels have been high and I even lost a few more pounds. I have settled in at 45lbs off my peak weight.

    I am really enjoying my diet and relative good health. I eat plenty of food and foods that I love.

    Thanks to Mark and everyone who has shared their knowledge on these pages!

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    Your experience is common. I am a low carb proponent and equally, a ketosis opponent, except in consistently cold environments where very few of us live anymore.

    Going VLC at 50g or less per day is ideal for making the genetic-expression shift to optimal fat burning, but there is a higher sweet spot for maintenance, usually in the 100-150 g range you've found.
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    sually in the 100-150 g range you've found.

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