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    PS....stop freaking out about WHAT to eat your need to stop over analyzing, JUST EAT. If you need an example, this is 2 days worth of eats i had when i was gaining...


    - 1 cups full fat cottage cheese with frozen berries/peaches

    - Coffee with heavy cream(at work)

    - Spinach & tomatoes with 1 lb of taco seasoned fatty ground beef, cheese, avocado and sour cream (taco salad)

    - Homemade pumpkin bread, 2 thick slices. One with coconut butter one with butter/mascarpone

    - Glass of coconut milk (2 cups)

    - Omelet with spinach & raw goat cheese cooked in butter

    - 3/4lb chuck steak with onions/mushrooms & roasted winter squash in butter/garlic, turnip fries

    Calories: 3465 when I put it in one those machine things


    - 2 HB eggs, one with cream cheese, one with butter oil(ghee)

    - 3 servings of macadamia nuts

    - Leftover chicken thighs(with skin), olive-oil based garlicky tomato sauce with parmesan over spinach

    - 2 cups of full fat FAGE with cinnamon sprinkled over

    - Sauerkraut & yellow squash, 3 chicken livers fried in butter, coconut (coconut flour & flakes) shrimp fried in coconut oil, jicama(Mexican potato) tossed in lime & chilli powder

    - Salad with sun dried tomato, raw goat cheese, fried egg, random grass-fed hotdog and lotsa vegetables

    - Homemade pumpkin bread warmed up with coconut milk poured over and raw almond butter all heated up

    Calories: 3620 when I put it in one those machine things

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    Thanks MalPaz, it was helpful to read what you were eating. Might have to work up to such vast quantities though.
    I feel happier getting some help now, although I still fear failure - to me that's not turninig out how I want to look, because I have such a clear image of that in my mind. I guess the fact that I have been overweight in the past means that i'm scared to do exactly the opposite of what I have been doing and knowingly eating more than I need.
    Not doing lots of training is very hard because I enjoy it so much, though some days I dont have the energy so that kind of makes the decision for me. Plus not being able to workout at the intensity I wanted to was getting frustrating, and I want to be able to do crossfit and all that crazy stuff eventually, and actually compete at it with others, which I cant at the moment.
    What weight did you start at, and where are you now? How long did it take?
    How do you look now?

    HannahC: thanks for the encouragement, i'm sure i'll need that support because I tend to worry a lot about everything, and get stressed easily.
    Thanks for being so helpful all of you.

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    Here's my little gift to you ... creamed coconut. It's so delicious. I could eat the whole brick! I shouldn't but you could. Healthy calorific sweetness that melts in your mouth.

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