oh, and what do I do for skincare?

Well, it's decidedly not primal but personally, my vanity spurs me on to choose chemicals at times in order to give my skin the very best that the evidence can offer:
high ppd European sunscreen applied at proper use rates
rx retinoids
ascorbic acid c serum

my routines are fluid and flexible depending altitude, on time of year, climate, ambient humidity, menstrual cycle etc

Historically, my skin was freakishly abnormally, painfully dry and sensitive at times tolerating nothing other than water and vaseline (not even coconut oil...it was VERY drying). Clearly that was a combination of insufficient zinc, d protein, antioxidants all affecting skin integrity in combination with unmitigated UV damage from the sun. It was just a bad combination.

Once I started working on the skin integrity with diet, the judicious use of rx retinoids (very very short contact therapy...30 seconds) and tolerable sunscreens moved me quickly toward more normal skin.

•Now I wash at night with an appropriate cleanser (there are many I like)
•apply my rx retinoid full strength mixed with a hyaluronic acid serum to both improve penetration and reduce dryness (yes, I can now tolerate tazorac full strength every night in the summer) - 1 pea to my face, 1 pea to my neck
•i wait awhile, then apply eucerin q10 SSAW (or atopalm cream or avene trixera or similar) around my eyes....and to my face if needed, then i apply aquaphor healing ointment around my eyes (generic is fine)

in the am, i
•spray my face with Vichy or LRP or Avene thermal water and pat dry...
•Ascorbic acid serum (whichever I'm using....right now Cosmetic Skin Solutions CE Ferulic....see my docs below)
wait a bit
•apply my sunscreen. i use a highly water resistant kid sunscreen on my neck and chest (or tanktops backwards under my v-neck shirts so I don't have to s/s my chest). my face gets either avene cream 50+, bioderma MAX lait 50+ or Bioderma anti-age 50+....any of them are mixed with 1 drop of bioderma tint. I like the Bioderma Anti-Age the best but it's $30/oz so I only use it when I must look *really* good...the finish is flawless on my skin....like high end armani/chanel etc foundation. The bioderma max lait and avene cream are fine but shinier and not tolerable for all people.

HTH. There are some more skinpics in my profile. i just wish I'd taken pics at 35 so that the dramatic improvement could be documented. I'm 40 now.