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Thread: Courting And Condoms

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    I couldn't imagine Grok, or rather Grokette, bothering with contraception. They would have sex and if they fell pregnant they fell pregnant. Child mortality was pretty high so even if a woman had a dozen kids there was no guarantee they'd survive.
    What makes you think they wouldn't care about contraception? Have you ever tried to scavenge for your food or hide from enemies while caring for an infant? Each of the above options are or were used by indigenous "primitive" societies, which is why it's likely that Grok and Grokette would have considered these as options as well. (I use quotations around "primitive" because I find that term to be kind of offensive, but it's what I have to use).

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    well, there are some convincing theories that Grokette was pretty powerful because she could produce human children from her body....while she and Grok, himself, may have had no knowledge of how this happened. (I bet she was the first to suspect how it really happened!)

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    Give the OP a break,

    I was just reading a few days ago that before people didn't even truly understand sex. Because women became pregnant right away, but didn't realize it till weeks later, many thought that a woman could do it all. No one understand the man's role in sex, which is pretty interesting...
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    Somehow I don't think the OP is actually being serious, guys..

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    Before you attack her, wrap your whacker

    Cover your stump before you hump

    If you go into heat, package your meat

    If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey

    Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener.

    You can't go wrong if you shield your dong

    You could get a germ if you don't cover your worm

    If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey

    How did the Dairy Queen get pregnant?
    Burger King forgot to wrap his whopper.


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