Here is my situation today:

- started eating Primal in June 2013 after my brother convinced me to try. I did really well on this lifestyle until February. I'm French, live in the US and was in France for 3 months last winter and finally gave in to various treats daily as it was so hard to resist bread and pastries.

- back in the US in March, my hb was eating Primal but not doing good on it, had some chronic digestive issue and in June decided to go back to a standard diet (although he really liked the Primal way but we couldn't ever figure out what was wrong, and it was making his life miserable).

Today, I am ready to go back to being Primal fully. I felt my best when on it, perhaps lost too much weight but I gained it almost all back in... 6 months, ay! Not happy with that.

My actions today:
- reading the Primal Blueprint
- researched online sites/apps to try to keep track but decided this forum is the best tool.
- posting here to keep my self accountable