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Thread: Review of the Muse Headband page

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    Review of the Muse Headband

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    Muse Headband Review - The BJJ Caveman

    Is anyone else here using this to help with their meditation practice?

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    My gut reaction is that you need absolutely nothing to practice meditation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urja View Post
    My gut reaction is that you need absolutely nothing to practice meditation.

    But, I will say that measuring your brainwaves can be a fun little experiment. I don't believe it will do anything except satisfy a small aspect of your analytical self though

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    Sitting and relaxing for a few minutes is probably always a helpful practice. But are you really learning to focus, or are you learning to respond to audio cues? Maybe both.

    I'm not surprised your wife was experiencing anxiety. Honestly I see this introducing a lot of self-judgement into a person's meditation practice, considering how it creates a noisy distraction when you're doing it "wrong". Kinda seems like this practice could actually nullify many of the benefits of meditation without offering much to make up for it. Like a poorly condensed and extremely watered down sort of meditation that caters to the unhealthy habits of modern people instead of being a gentle practice in dismantling those habits.

    Guess maybe I should keep an open mind but this device is material irony.
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