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Thread: Can you overdo it on Coconut milk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cillakat View Post
    It absolutely has a laxative effect. And because it's so yummy delicious, it's easy to eat more fat in one sitting than we would with just about any other saturated fat. And it's liquid....
    I should be so lucky... made myself a latte type coffee with half a can of coconut milk and nothing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gummidge View Post
    I suspect that those of you that have problem with this have a yeast or fungus overgrowth as the medium chain fatty acids are antifungal and it may be die off - don't feel bad just ease intoi it and your bowel health will improve..... keep going
    Not singling you out or anything, but I've seen "die off" and "detox crisis" responses all over the place in response to questions like these - on paleo and raw food and vegan and gluten free boards - but I've never seen anything that really lends credence to the idea. Most articles I've read that address the concept of "die off" scientifically say there's not anything to suggest it exists. Is there a consensus among PBers?

    On coconut milk - I think it's way over rated. Too much of it kills my stomach, too, and I can't say I've ever noticed any benefit from it (besides the fact that it's delicious in curries). I wouldn't sit down with a hot mug of butter, either, though.

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    coconut milk (or cream) is funny. I have it in a smoothie in the mornings sometime, and I swear as soon as I have the first sip, I feel my bowels start to tingle or something. It definitely helps them move I'm sure but I'm blowed if I know how it can have such an "instant" reaction -not that I need to go to the toilet straight away just that feeling that I might need to. Only once have I had an explosive reaction and that was when I decided to use a whole tin in my smoothie rather than half. so yes, I believe you can have too much.

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    Might possibly be the guar gum found this on wikipedia, the canned stuff i used to drink had guar gum but it didn't seem to effect me.

    hope it helps.

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    Interesting, but would the amount of gum contained be sufficient for the...erm...special effects? Although it could explain why I don't suffer like this with the blocks of creamed coconut.... but then a whole coconut DOES share the effects...argh I don't know...!

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    coconut in general can be overdone. milk/water/flesh can cause severe cramping via dehydration. talk to any islander or survivalist. coconut is a food additive not something to base your diet arround. it is akin to drinking salt water. yes.... laxative to the max

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmac View Post
    coconut in general can be overdone. milk/water/flesh can cause severe cramping via dehydration. talk to any islander or survivalist. coconut is a food additive not something to base your diet arround. it is akin to drinking salt water. yes.... laxative to the max
    wow i totally never put the dethydrationand coconut together... i 'indulge' in QUITE A BIT(like 1/2 cup lol i had to stop purchasing it) of coconut butter and i am ungodly thirsty all night and my belly is SOOO loud

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    I don't notice a laxative effect. In fact, some days I just crack a can like an old-fashioned beer and have it as an "energy drink" (I get the stuff that doesn't separate in the can, or I shake it)

    I stay away from the powder. Silicon dioxide!

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    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I use a moderate amount of coconut products, but every day - milk in my coffee, anything I cook gets the oil, etc. I only have laxative problems if I have too much coconut oil after not having any for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal Toad View Post
    I strongly believe you had too much and possibly drank it too quickly? The problem (well, sort of a problem) is that it is a liquid, is delicious, is pure fat and is great with anything.

    Therefore it is very easy to eat too much in one sitting. I strongly believe that too much of one fat in one sitting and eating it too fast will give you problems.

    Lets think about Grok... He did not have coconut in abundance. They only grow in certain areas (right?). But, when they did find them they had to eat the meat. They were not able to guzzle down the meat in just a few minutes or less. They had to work for the coconut meat and I am sure they enjoyed it over a long period of time.

    I had some coconut pancakes this morning from the primal blueprint cookbook. I am starting to dislike this recipe because it simply has way too much coconut. A lot of coconut flour, milk and oil. Eating half a batch is waaaaaay too much saturated fat at one time. Coconut is unique in a healthy way but downing a lot in one sitting in a short period of time is just too much. At least that is what my body tells me
    Agreed- I find coconut milk, oil or butter all quite strong and can only have a little bit at a time. Grok probably didn't down a whole can of coconut milk in one sitting. He probably had to climb a big tree and find a ripe one and then work really hard to break the shell to get the meat.
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