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    Amputated but not Giving up!

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    Hey everybody,

    I've used paleo on and off to transforme my body so I thought i'd tell you guys a little story about my life and recent events.

    I used to be an overweight kid, 220+pounds for 5f6...not great

    I lost about 110 pounds and ended up scrawny, I was mainly just running and doing push ups and stuff...

    Then I joined a gym and started thinking about competing!

    I got on stage twice, my biggest achievement was winning 3rd place in Swiss Nationals (WABBA federation)

    Then on the 16th of Juin, I was riding my motorcycle when somebody cut me off and ran into me.
    Woke up at the hospital to be informed my left foot has been shattered and they can't fix it to the point where I can use it correctly so I was given the choice to amputate or get a useless foot, several fractures and my right leg got drop foot syndrome due to hematomas and muscle loss we aren't sure if I will recover.

    The thought that crossed my mind was, I'm going to show people that even with a missing foot and damaged foot that you can still be fit and compete.

    I am getting back to walking now and waiting on my stump to heal so I can start using prosthetic legs.

    I still haven't reached my bodybuilding goals and I'm going to keep going and get back on stage by 2017 at the latest.

    I have started vlogging my rehab and will keep making videos throughout my journey up till I'm back in the gym getting my size back (30lbs down right now, which is to be expected).

    Feel free to follow my instagram and vlog if you're interested, it keeps me motivated to reach my goals and hopefully I can motivate some people along the way! (Instagram: Icepray)

    **** happens in life but look at the brightside of things, I'm alive, my back is fine, I'll be able to keep doing the sport I love and I'm not giving up on my goals and dreams just yet!

    Hopefully after reading this I might have given some of you some motivation to keep pursuing you're goals and dreams no matter what happens!

    I hope my videos can inspire or motivated a few people who have are having trouble reaching their goals!

    Feel free to follow me on Facebook/Instagram aswell

    Instagram: Icepray
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    Absolutely fucking heroic. My father was recently a transfemoral amputee so I'm aware of the struggles you may face. People like you put life in to perspective for the better, and it's inspirational. Looking forward to updates

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