Hi all.

Some of you might have been keeping an eye on my steak and eggs challenge and would know a (little) about me. For those who didn't:

I'm male, 5ft11 and I don't know how much I weigh! Don't really keep track of that these days. I have a waist circumference of ca. 124cm. I lost about 4cm on my S&E challenge. BF% ca. 25%.

I guess the purpose of this journal is to keep myself accountable, to keep me motivated. I'm not going to post my personal stuff in here on a regular basis, therefore it might be a bit of a boring read!

Interests - same as most I guess: reading, music, sport, hiking, TV/movies.

Studying for a BSc in Mathematics and Physics and I'm loving it! You might find some university related stuff here also - mostly of my complaining!

In order to lose fat I will be following the primal protocol, with emphasis on a lower carb plan (about 75g carbs). I'll go to the gym (or do bodyweight stuff) 3 times a week following the 5x5 workout. This will be supplemented by long walks everyday (weekly milage aim: 35-40), maybe a sprint session. Using MapMyWalk to keep track.

This will be a long road to hoe, but one I'm finally committed to walking.

Thank you for reading. See you in the posts to follow!