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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Mattthias)

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    Primal Challenge Journal (Mattthias)

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    Day one, and as a newcomer, my goals are to begin eating Primal and to build an exercise habit.

    Breakfast consisted of two scrambled eggs with bacon, and a handful of cashews.

    Over the course of work (Starbucks) I had a few cups of coffee (one with whole milk) and some tea. Employees get free drinks on shifts, so, over the next thirty days, I'm going to just take straight coffee or tea, occasionally allowing myself some whole milk as a treat.

    Unfortunately I got hungry mid-shift and had to forage at work. The best I could do was cranberry-almond-granola bar and a yogurt parfait. Not very Grok-like, but better than I expected to find.

    When I got home, I had some oven-baked chicken and strawberries.

    So, a good start? I'm not sure. I think one of the hardest points will be staying Primal at work. Still, I am excited to have started making a change, after months of putting it off.

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    Sheesh...must be difficult at Starbucks with all those carbs around! Don't they have cheese & fruit trays? I do love my coffee and my most difficult meal is breakfast...toast, pb and coffee has been my mainstay...until now

    Good luck to you! Let us know what, if anything, Starbucks has on the menue that Grok would have eaten.

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