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Thread: High resting heart rate

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    High resting heart rate

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    I wonder if any of you have any advise on how to get your resting heart rate lower.
    My resting heart rate is somewhere between the 70 and the 90 beats per minute. which is pretty high and it would be healthier to have it between the 50 and 70 but I have no idea how to do this without medication.
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    Exercise regularly (HIIT is especially good for getting the heart rate up), reduce stress and make sure your bodyweight is healthy.

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    A resting heart rate between 70 and 90 is fairly normal for the "normal" population. If you want to reduce your resting heart rate, some form of cardio workout is probably what will be recommended. The easiest thing to do is walk. Start slow, and build up. Walk at a leisurely pace, and over time, increase the pace, then increase the distance, and before you know it, your resting heart rate will be in the upper 60's or so. Also, make sure you are well hydrated, as that can affect your rate as well, as can medications too.

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    People who have high heart rates sometimes are doing too much training. Sometimes people with very low heart rates do too much cardio and even have an enlarged athletic heart. My boyfriend is like this. I'm not saying it's a cause and effect link for every person on the planet. Just if your heart rate doesn't have a link to some actual health problem, I would not worry about it.
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    True resting heart rate should be meazured in bed before rising in the morning and 50-60/min is fine. People in very good cardiovascular condition often have very low values in the 30 - 40/min range...
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    I would say 80-90% of people that I measure in your general demographic have a resting heart rate in that range and it is considered normal. By resting I meant they walk from the front to the back room and sit for a moment before having it taken. Yes, lower is indicative of better fitness, but not necessarily better health. Like those above stated. HIIT or even moderate aerobic work will lower it.

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