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    Going primal... What to expect..?

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    So, I have been loosely following PB for a couple weeks... Haven't finished the book yet and.. I am really waiting a couple more days to start on the first day of the month.. Because I'm ocd like that...
    But... No grains or sugar.. I'm basically not making sure meat is grass-fed and all my fruits and veggies aren't organic... But I've found that going a bit slower and not doing the all or nothing extreme right out of the gate has helped me wean off of those things because... HELLO CARB ADDICTION!
    Anyways, I am wondering what people have experienced when first going primal...
    My weight has really fluctuated this last week.. I even gained some.. Just a couple lbs.. But I wasn't sure why...
    BMs are drastically different... Went from pain and constipation to.. Several a day...
    I just had a baby (well 9 mo ago) and still no period yet... But I'm wondering, ladies how PB has changed hormonal issues...
    So... Give it to me..
    The good, bad and ugly.. About the beginning...
    Any tips?
    "Watch out for.... "'s
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    How your weight loss happened...
    Mood changes...
    Thanks in advance. Can't wait to read the responses.

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    Heya, I'm at a different life stage from you (haha) but primal definitely helped my hormonal issues - no more night sweats, sugar crashes or mood swings. All good stuff. As well as no more stomach bloating and very easy digestion.

    Back in my nursing days, I also had no period until baby was sleeping through the night and weaned or almost weaned. I considered it one of the perks

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    If you've just had a baby, you probably shouldn't go really low carb. Sweet potatoes and rice are good carb sources.

    For me, I've lost over a hundred pounds of weight on Primal. I've gained a tiny bit back from my lowest point but it's still pretty good. However, I'm still fat and trying to figure out how to advance past this. And, um, I'm kind of in a holding pattern. I move out from my parent's home in September and then I'll finally control all my food. XD Anyhow.

    In the beginning, my weight peeled off quickly. For almost a year, I lost weight. Then it slowed and stalled out. I started over 300 lbs, though, so that's normal. My BM's became very good. I still have some acne, I suspect I might need to stop with the milk. Damnit, I love it in my drinks though. Before primal by periods were irregular. Now they're far more frequent. My mood, alas, follows my periods. I know when one's coming up because I get anxious and prone to mood swings. *shrugs* That's always happened but it's more annoying now that I have regular periods. I never had GERD or any intestinal issues so no difference there. My keratis pilaris, or chicken skin on my upper arms, has totally cleared up. Unfortunately my excess hair growth hasn't so now I have hairy upper arms in addition to hairy lower arms. Ah, well.

    Over the year I was losing weight, I bought three entire wardrobes. XD Expensive but so much fun! I look very good in some dresses, now, despite the excess weight I'm still carrying. My current goal is to reliably fit into size XL dresses. Right now it's a crapshoot. Anyway, good luck to you!
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