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Thread: Svasth Dincharya

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    Svasth Dincharya

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    Little bit excited and nervous today in preperation for tomorrow when I begin a new ritual of looking after myself and restoring my health. Today itself my plans extend no more than drinking lots of fine oolong tea and reading, plus getting to bed on time. But tomorrow I have great plans for my future. I hope this is a good place to share about my path to health and happiness!

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    Rounded off today with beef, plantain and dill curry. Will have a nice read now and then a teaspoon of honey before an early night.

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    I want to leave a few notes for myself on what is going to consitute the "svasth" (healthy) part of my dinacharya (daily routine - also noticed I skipped a letter in my journal title!!!). I want to keep my goals simple and achievable but also very beneficial. For the next week my plan is very basic. This is stuff I already mostly do but I want to be more consistent and focused.

    *Daily morning exercise. This is the easiest thing for me as it is a life long habit. Most mornings it is strength training of some kind. One day a week it is simply yoga.

    *Daily two healthy meals plus fruit. Simple for me as I love healthy foods. Need to be consistent with eating enough.

    *Daily half an hour walk outside. I should be able to achieve more but aiming low means I can tick off a goal everyday which is good for my confidence right now.

    *Daily yoga in afternoon/ evening. This is for stress relief purposes and I predict it will be the thing I am least consistent with.

    Other small things that will be happening:

    *High dose probiotics.

    *Epsom salt baths.

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    I fell asleep quite quickly last night and slept deeply through the night, but I woke up rather groggy. Made myself crawl out of bed before 9am because otherwise how will I tire myself out enough to sleep tonight?! Started my morning in the normal way with some very high quality tea. Today it was nokcha which is a very delicious green tea. I drank several cups whilst doing some strength training. Also took my Elixa probioitics. This is a super high dose course which requires you to take 10 capsules a day for 3-12 days.

    After a shower I made scrambled eggs with Jamaican sweet potato, onion and gelatine. What a delicious and filling start to the day, not to mention a good source of prebiotics. I am feeling a bit tired and grey but I hope that it will be another beautifully sunny day outside and that I will wake up a bit as I go.

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    Went out and bought groceries which took quite a while. Then I read for a while and also I had a walk outside. Had a couple of MASSIVE pink lady apples, really juicy and delicious.

    Managed to surprise myself by managing half an hour gentle yoga. For supper I made beef neck with plantain and dill. Added some gelatine too, it was delicious. I will spend a little more time on the computer and then go upstairs and do something more relaxing. Teaspoon of honey before bed will hopefully help my sleep tonight.

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    Another deep and undisturbed nights sleep, though I woke up a bit groggy again. Undoubtedly the honey before bed time has improved my quality of sleep. I have tried a few different brands because I like different tastes, but at the moment I am using this one. I am not surprised that I am not feeling amazing when I first wake up as last week was particularly stressful and I engaged in some unhelpful behaviours. In addition I seem to be slightly oversleeping at the moment (9 hours +) which indicates to me that my body is trying to recover a bit but also results in feeling a bit sluggish. I think this will resolve in the coming week.

    I started my day with an Iron Buddha oolong. Not actually too fond of this particular suppliers version of this tea, but it is still nice enough. I also did some strength training, this time very much bodyweight based. Pleased to report that I can crank out some awesome push ups these days! Took my dose of Elixa and then had a shower. Breakfast was 3 eggs with sweet potato, onion and gelatine again. These days it's my prefered way to start the day. Of course it's the ultra starchy Jamaican sweet potatoes that make it perfect.

    Not sure what I will be up to today but it looks bright and beautiful outside so I expect I will be out and about soon.

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    Spent a lot of time wandering outside today and enjoying the sun. I ate a couple of huge pink lady apples for my midday snack, and also had some vanilla rooibos with gelatine. In addition my new book arrived. Have started it already. It's interesting, but having just finished The Symbiont Factor, I can't help feel that it is missing a big part of the bigger picture. Sure genetics may play a role in nutrient deficiencies which lead to mental illness, but what about the portion of DNA that effects our bodies which isn't even human - we are 90% bacteria! Still it's fascinating reading and funnily enough all the brain chemistry chimes in wonderfully with another book I recently finished, about DMT. Truly I could read forever!

    I did some mid afternoon yoga, then had to pop out to get a few items from Boots, including some tea tree oil for my scalp. I tend to suffer from spots on my scalp when I am stressed, and with my hair as ultra short as it is now it's a bit too visible for my liking, plus I tend to scratch at them more.

    For dinner I made goat, yam (the african kind) and methi (fenugreek greens) curry. Added gelatine of course! Very delicious. I've just been sat at the computer researching possible college courses for next year. I think it's time to wander upstairs and do some nonfiction reading (I am rereading the Harry Potter series for the trillionth time! Ultimate "junk"/ comfort reading!) before honey and bed.

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    So I woke up feeling a little less groggy today, yay! Today's morning tea was Shui Xian, a roasted oolong tea and a new-ish addition to my collection. Very nice. Did some strength stuff, today working more with my kettlebell. Then I took my Elixa, had a shower and made breakfast. Same as usual: 3 eggs with Jamaican sweet potato, onion and gelatine. This breakfast always leaves me feeling warm and energised. Such a difference from when I used to eat nothing or only protein and fat.

    Looks like it will be another lovely day. I've got no real plans except going to the optician. I might walk over to the library, we'll see how it goes.

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    Another beautiful day! I went for a nice walk in the morning and ended up at the library. I only meant to return a book but I came back with 3 more! I spent some time reading, ate a couple of massive pink lady apples and then later went to my optician appointment. Just splashed out a load of cash on contact lenses. Oh how I would love laser eye surgery!

    Ate some delicious slated caramel fudge on the way back, which promptly gave me the energy for a quick extra workout. 5 rounds with my 16kg kettlebell of the following:

    *10 kettlebell swings
    *5 lunges on each side
    *5 OHP

    Then I did some yoga and relaxed. Supper was goat, yam and dill curry with added gelatine. Delicious as always! I tend to keep my meals pretty simple and regular.

    Been making some plans to see friends soon. Looking forward to being a bit more sociable.

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    Woke up feeling much better today - obviously fudge is good for me! Did some bodyweight exercises whilst sipping Nokcha tea, then took my Elixa and had a shower. Did some washing and stuff and then made breakfast. 3 eggs, Jamaican sweet potato and onion as usual, plus gelatine. I should mention that I add ginger, garlic and various spices to all my foods too. Plus I love lime juice and fresh coriander with everything!

    It looks a little less sunny out there today but I expect I will be getting outside for a while. Also looking forward to doing a lot more reading. Might also be getting some new tea today, which I am excited about.

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