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    Question for those that eat one meal a day. Please help me.

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    I've done the one meal a day before. But I had some setbacks at work when the company ordered lunch for everyone. I work a physically demanding job by the way. But I digress.

    I've read that you should eat something small when you are hungry and have that one big meal at night. I've also heard that you shouldn't eat anything and have that one big meal at night. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day though. Like black coffee and water.

    What I need help is which one is right? Also what foods are okay to eat and how much should I eat?

    I like simple things in life and this one meal a day is what I like a lot.

    If you can answer my question and offer any other advice. That would be great. Thank you.

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    Here's a link to the first of a seven part series that Mark did on fasting: How Fasting Aids Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple . At the bottom of that first article is a link to all of the sixth other parts.

    There is no right. Depending on whom you read, IF (intermittent fasting) is anything over 12-14 hours of fasting per day. The evening meal might be the easiest for most because if you eat close to bedtime, the time you sleep already puts you at about 8 hours without eating. Also, if you work or go to school during the day, that can distract you from thoughts of food. But a person can pick any meal they want to be their one meal as long as it's the same meal every day.

    The two I've seen discussed here most are one meal a day and a "window" of eating. One meal a day is self-explanatory. Pick a meal; eat it; only drink non-caloric fluids (tea, coffee, water) the rest of the 24 hour day. The window is easier for some. Let's say you want to fast for 20 hours/day. You find the four hour window that is the most comfortable four hours for you to eat, and that's when you eat. If you want to fast 18 hours a day, you give yourself a six hour window, and so on.

    You can eat whatever you want within Primal/Paleo parameters. You can eat all that you want, unless you find yourself gaining unwanted weight. One meal a day will make it almost impossible to overeat. So will a window, but it's more flexible, and a few people have reported bingeing in response to trying IF.

    There have been discussions as to whether putting butter or MCT or coconut oil in one's morning coffee breaks the fast. The question should probably be does it mess with the benefits of fasting. Technically, yes, 100-400 calories of fat in one's coffee breaks the fast - fat is food; fasting is not eating food. Does it mess with the benefits? I'm not a scientist, so you'll have to do your research on that one. I use either a teaspoon of coconut oil (43 calories) or a half tablespoon of butter (50 calories) and just don't worry about it.

    There's no right way. If you one meal a day it five days a week, but on weekends, you prefer a window, there's nothing wrong with that. If you like things simple, just do the one meal a day. Personally, I just take it as it comes. Most days, it's one meal a day. Sometimes, at around three or four pm, I get hungry and eat something small before my main meal. (A protein shake, or a couple of eggs, or a can of small fishes would be what I consider small.)

    I also recommend that you search "autophagy" on this website to learn why intermittent fasting or even longer fasting is good for you. Unless you just want to lose weight, and that's cool. Before Primal, I just did the one meal a day thing to get/stay at a healthy weight. I had no idea about the other benefits.

    Good luck!
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    I'm no expert by any means, but it sounds very similar to the Warrior Diet.

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    There's a circadian argument that peak food should be 12 hours after peak sleep (so typically 3~4p), with a simple appetizer 3~4 hours before and/or simple dessert 3~4 hours after if desired (though this is hard to achieve on weekdays when dinner is pushed to ~6p).

    Example no-prep work food includes canned fish, boiled eggs, fruit, pickles, occasionally reheated potato cubes--discomfort when fasting is often salt followed by protein. My dessert is almost always herb tea with fruit, yogurt, and occasionally a bit of fat (coconut, cocoa, nuts, cheese). There's no real appetite before ~1p or after ~7p so it suits me well.

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