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    Please talk to me about organ meat

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    I'm placing an order this morning with the farm (local, all organic, grass fed, soy free, antibiotic free, etc) and want to try something new. Where is the best place for a newbie to start when it comes to organ meat? I have the option of several cow and pig organs as well as chicken livers and gizzards. Where should I start? Also, any recipes or tips on preparation would be greatly appreciated.
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    Calf or chicken liver, poached or pan fried with onions. When done, lightly season with turmeric and black pepper.
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    Hearts don't have as much a flavor as liver does, so some find it easier to start with if they haven't eaten much organ meat before. It can be poached in a tasty broth, or it can be chopped and mixed with hamburger meat.

    I find chicken liver has a lighter flavor than beef. I salt and pepper it, heat some oil in a pan and saute some garlic, then cook the liver about three minutes per side.

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    I like sweetbreads a lot. Have only tried cow, not pig. I think they have quite a rich flavor, but at the same time the taste is somehow "lighter" than liver and not as overbearing. Also, it's difficult to overcook sweetbreads so that's one thing you don't have to worry about when preparing them.

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    chicken livers are an easy intro as a quick saute, with capers and golden raisins, or poached and then made into pate.

    with hearts and gizzards you can make dirty rice (regular rice or low-carb cauliflower rice).

    we love beef heart and tongue but i usually slow-braise them so that kind of dish is off the menu till the weather is cool again.if you have a slow-cooker, you can use that though.
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    There's always the olde English standbys - steak and kidney pie, bubble and squeak, tripe and so on. Like most unfamiliar foods, they may take extensive culinary treatment to appeal to most. There are lots of online sources for cooking such delicacies.;-)

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    There's a slight challenge because it's chewy without some work but also lean so it can't withstand tons of cooking. I like to slice thin, marinate, then make stir fry or fajita.

    For liver I salt & season a bit of tapioca flour and coat dry slices for pan frying, makes a crisp/tender contrast. Serve with mustard and pickles.

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