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    Stalling Weightloss And Probiotics

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    Hello! So I've been primal for about 6 months and have lost around 15 lbs and feel great! I'm hoping to lose more but my weightloss has stalled. I work a relatively physically demanding job on most days and I haven't been working out too much on my own time. I was wondering if working out is the key or if maybe I'm not eating enough carbs? I usually have a piece of fruit, olive oil, avocados, sometimes sweet potatoes, meat, and lots of veggies each day but is that not enough?

    Also, I just started taking probiotics daily about a week ago and have been gassy and bloated after a few days in, any idea what's going on with that? I'm taking 1 capsule of ultimate flora which has 10 probiotic strains and it says the total bifido/lacto cultures is 15 billion. Should I be taking less?

    Any advice would be great thank you!

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    Stalling Weightloss And Probiotics

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    I have been primal with the LCHF diet for about 7 months, eating 50-100 grams of carbs a day with average to a lot of exercise. (I always aim to have less than 100 however)

    I too have wanted to lose more weight but I have realised that your body also converts the good fats that you eat into muscle. So it's not all about how much you weigh per say, it's about how much fat you can lose or transfer to muscle.
    I would say having a decent balance of carbs and exercise with mostly nutritious fats is the key to fat loss, depending on how much exercise you do and how you feel, up your carb intake a bit as well.
    I make sure most of what I eat is highly nutritious, with a lot of fats. I have lost about 2 and a half stone of fat and converted most of it into muscle fats.

    Now although I do not claim any qualifications or "higher wisdom" to these matters, I would get off of any medication you are on and balance whatever it is with nutrition because that can affect dieting a well. Food is the best medicine in my opinion.

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