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  • Stevia

    41 54.67%
  • Xylitol

    6 8.00%
  • Erythritol

    7 9.33%
  • Honey

    33 44.00%
  • Maple Syrup

    17 22.67%
  • Brown Rice Syrup

    0 0%
  • Agave Nector

    5 6.67%
  • Cain Sugar

    5 6.67%
  • Pure Glucose

    0 0%
  • Splenda, Nutrisweet, Aspartame, etc.

    10 13.33%
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Thread: Stevia

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    Question Stevia

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    Yes, I know, most of us would agree that NO sugar OR sweetener is best, but c'mon, my kids like a treat and so do I, every-once-in-a-while, at least.

    So, I finally got past the nasty 'bitter' flavor of Stevia and now I use it if I want a treat.

    Well, someone tried to 'poo-poo' the stuff, but look at how pathetic it is:

    Any comments?

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    If I have to use anything, it'd be honey.

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    If I'm gonna use a sugar substitute . . . well, I'm not. I'll use sugar before I use a sugar substitute. LArgely though, I reach for honey when I need a bit of sweetener.

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    I use stevia too. I use to use equal and splenda, but as of now I have been off of the "chemical sugar subs" for 11 weeks.
    I feel a lot better. Stevia doesn't give me the negetive side effects and it sweetens up things just right. Honey doesn't work for me...just makes me want to eat the whole jar. The other sugar alcohols are a bad time in the ol GI trac so I knew right away those were toxic to me.

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    I use splenda. I tried stevia in the packets a few years ago and hated it, but would like to give it another try. I heard that different brands and forms are better than others. For those of you who use and like Stevia can you tell me what you use. I am hoping they all aren't bitter.

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    I use NOW foods stevia, as there isn't a bunch of fillers (like maltodextrin) in it, and I can get it at a good price.

    I love stevia, and will sometimes use it in combination w/ maple syrup or honey in baked goods for ds, or just straight in various drinks/smoothies etc. You can make a killer lemonade w/ stevia. I love it and haven't read anything that strongly enough turned me off of it. It's an herb, and if you have reservations about the processing, I'd get the green stevia leaf powder--straight stevia leaves ground up. I'm comfortable using the powder myself and will continue to unless I read something proving it is unsafe in some way. (OP, I didn't read your link yet, but will totally check it out--thanks for posting!)

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    stevia. trader joes carries organic stevia at a decent price. don't overdo, makes you crave more sweets imo

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    If I want sweet, it will be stevia. I keep two plants in 5 gal buckets and pick the leaves. I'll pinch and crumble the leaf to add to some food or I'll make a stevia julep in lemonade. I used to make a chaw of leaves, but I am getting away from sweet completely. (The real hard thing was getting away from salt.)

    I keep the plants as long as possible when the weather turns in autumn, and pick and shred the leaves just before the plant goes south.

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    Talking Thanks everyone.

    All good ideas. I'd stop the Splenda though, bad stuff! Personally, I'm very happy with Stevia and do not feel like I crave sweets more if/ when I use it. A little goes a long way, so I also combine it with honey, molasses or grade b maple syrup.

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    I am a bulimic and have only found success using molecular *left-handed sugar* (splenda), which is a godsend to me (since I cannot eat fruit, either, without a bulimic reaction), and I see nothing bad about Splenda compared to aspartame (NO!) and Sweet N Low (NO!! NO!!!) because both of those others will definitely eat away at peoples' brain nerve-endings and brain tissue itself. You will lose your brain function as well as get pickled with a formaldehyde reaction, in other words, using phenylalanine and aspartame and saccharin.

    I do not do honey or agave nectar (Mark already writes about those.) They make me bulimic also.

    About Stevia? Well, it tastes the way antifreeze smells. Its better combined with another sweetener to cut the antifreeze taste. One good example is "Vitamin Water Zero," available everywhere now. That's a delicious example.

    I've heard of Monk Fruit ( Lo Han) sweetener being calorie-free and would be interested to see if it has an aftertaste, or effect.

    I think the key here is not to blast those who haven't found a Splenda alternative yet. It's imperative to realise that altough we are on the same Primal Blueprint, peoples' body chemistries will definitely differ according to DNA, even as they achieve "optimum health" to offset decay and untimely death. What is one man's "meat" could easily be another man's "poison", in other words, for people with pre-existing health conditions, and respect for all is a good rule of thumb. Nobody WANTED it pre-determined that they could NOT eat honey or agave nectar or unprocessed cane sugar.....just as nobody WANTED to be pre-programmed as alcoholic or bulimic, either. Everyone basically WANTS to be much like everyone else in this world. But, we are "stuck" with the hand of cards we are genetically dealt with. We also watch to see if the "hand" changes any as we achieve optimum health.

    I feel sorry, in a way, for well-known coffee shops; this is why they cannot save money on sweeteners no matter what they do. They must have everything the public needs in order to satisfy all ranges of tastes and "needs"! ( yum!)

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