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Thread: Primal butterbeer recipe?

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    Primal butterbeer recipe?

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    There was a recipe for butterbeer in my local newspaper. But it contains brown sugar and cream soda.

    You Harry Potter fans, what would be a good primal butterbeer recipe? How about the following? (I have not tried yet.) Or is primal butterbeer an oxymoron?

    Melted butter
    Club soda
    Vanilla extract
    Rum or rum extract (I would use rum. :-)
    Whipped cream
    Stevia, honey, etc. optional (I don't like sweet drinks.)

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    haha that's interesting, my finance wants to go to Universal (we're only an hour away) to see that stuff. . if anyone tries this recipe let me know.

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    Very tasty. Might make it richer in the winter.

    Using butter, you have to serve warm. Otherwise the butter forms glumps. (Many recipes use butterscotch syrup. Ick.)

    I used:

    One pat of butter
    One teaspoon of vanilla extract
    One jigger of rum
    Seltzer water
    Topped with whipped cream

    Warm the first four ingredients. Add whipped cream.

    Note: This is pretty much hot buttered rum minus the spices. Hehe.

    Harry (not Potter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    Harry (not Potter)
    Holy crap that made me laugh harder than it should have.

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    @Russ, I'm jealous you get to go to the new HP park!
    @Harry, great question! I think I'm going to use it for an HP 7 (part 1) party.
    Isn't it fun being a nerd? Hehehe

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    My son's class won a trip to the Grand opening for the HP park for their Grand Opening. I got picked as a chaperon. I used a 20% to try the Frozen Butterbeer drink (think Slushy) It was Amazing. The whole trip was. Those kids got spoiled by Universal.

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