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    Help with motivation

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    Need your help folks. Ive had a disaster
    Done really well losing 3 stone. Had a break because i had two hip replacements and now i have lost all motivation and now back to where i started and tubby.
    How do you motivate yourself to stay away from the wrong food, im finding it hard this time.

    Thank you

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    Make sure you're eating enough fat to prevent hunger. Otherwise you just have to power through the sugar/carb cravings-for me remembering how good I always feel after getting past that stage (1-2 weeks) does the trick.

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    Motivation, or cravings?
    If it's motivation, I think that's mostly your desire to improve how you feel. Hopefully your physical situation is much improved after your major surgery. You don't say how long ago, but I assume you are past the short term recovery and are able to do some exercise and to enjoy the new you. If you had both hips replaced, I would assume you felt pretty lousy physically before hand, so trying to remember how good you were at your lower weight won't do the trick. Try to envision how well you'll feel at the lower weight, and enhanced physical capability.
    If it is cravings, I think drheather has you covered. Treat yourself as a newbie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan794 View Post
    How do you motivate yourself to stay away from the wrong food, im finding it hard this time.
    Prohibition/deprivation seems to fail for most folks.

    Instead I would actively pursue the good things until there's no time or cash left for the old. Maybe list every fresh protein and produce in the shop and make a hobby of learning how to prepare each one (e.g. salt, vinegar, oil). By the time you reach the bottom the top will seem novel again.

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    I have fairly good luck doing things meal at a time: like, "if it is lunchtime, I will eat an avocado, two hardboiled eggs, radishes and tomatoes. If it is dinner I will eat....." If I can set those statements at the start of the day it helps me actually eat the right things. Also it helps me to set snack times and snack edibles the same way - "I will eat a snack of ___ at ___" I don't know why that works for me, but it's far better than just saying "I will only eat good things today." I'm not sure what you're capable of for movements, but I do the same thing with exercise - I already told myself I will take a walk and run some sprints at six this evening - it's set in my schedule now so I'll probably actually do it. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan794 View Post
    How do you motivate yourself to stay away from the wrong food, im finding it hard this time.
    That's tough because everyone is different. If you're anything like me, allowing yourself some flexibility and cutting yourself some slack will go a long way. What a lot of people do is freak out after they've had a couple cheat meals. When they fall off the wagon, they fall hard. Days, weeks, and months of bad eating follows. So they oscillate between periods of clean eating and periods of horrible eating.

    For some people, the best way to deal with this is to embrace the fact that there will be slip-ups, do your best, and get back on track afterwards. In other words, don't expect perfection and don't be too hard on yourself. It's often said that the best diet is the one you'll actually stick to. So even allowing yourself a couple cheat meals every week can be a good thing if it makes it easier to eat healthy the rest of the time.

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    Make sure you eat enough fat and get enough nutrition. You won't crave if you do.
    If you crave have fats that's what I do. Pork Scratchings (with as little added ingredients as possible) or anything fatty and healthy!

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    The wrong food makes me feel like crap..... That's enough motivation for me.

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