its my second thread here, but I think the best way to stay tuned is to just start talking and discuss about whats going on... and sry for my bad english sometimes, its not my native language.

So I try to read alot on MDA to get as many informations as possible about a healthy and enjoyable life.
One of the first things I did was removing grains and most forms of sugar from my diet. Also diary and processed food ist gone, at least most of it.

Another thing I started two month ago is drinking water, at least 2,5-3 l per day. I chronicly drank much much to less water.
The first thing I do in the morning is drinking two cups of room tempetratured water or heat it a bit to get something like 35C. I put in a lil real himalaya salt, the walter is not salty but feels much more soft, I like it.
Oh and I have a good vitamin preperat, its just a lil pill I started using some month ago to support the healing of herpes zoster, helped quite good I guess.

Next thing is a walk on the beach, barefoot, and get a espresso in the neighbour city - so before I start working on the PC I already walked 6km and talked with the atlantic - great listener btw!

At the moment I am still in the beginning time of intermittent fasting, so sometimes I eat breakfeast between 09:30 and 10:00, sometimes I skip it and it eat lunch around 13:00. But on friday or saturday I have one real fasting day, so eating nothing for around 36~ hours. I am doing that now for some weeks and still try to find a good way for me.
Skipping one day is easy and skipping breakefeast the next days is easy, too. But since I heard to start slowely, I am not overacting with that and go into normal eating with a good lunch.

Another thing I do is sleeping. I try to go to bed at 22:00, sometimes 23:00 and wake up without an alarm. At the moment I wake up between 08:00 and 09:00, never feel tired and my eyes are looking fresher than ever before!

I have a job that alows me to split my time and I use that privilege to go for a walk, haveing fresh air and going for a lil espresso again. Its nice to meet ppl, having a talk and watch the surfers. Oh, I started a curse in surfing, so thats one of my "playing" sports and I luv it! Still in my beginnings, but the atlantic is 300 meters aways and it would be a shame to not get in touch with that fantastic ocean. Another nice thing is the chatting with mates while waiting for the next waves

Anyway, the last weeks had alot of nice benefits. I laught much more, worked much less and still feel like having enough to live. I found out that itching on my scalp is getting less and less when I stop eating sugar an co. If I fall back it starts itching again - so good sign so realy not do it.
I realized, that if I ate lots of sugar (carbs in generally) and wake up the next morning, I feel like I was drunken the last night... I stoped drinking 6 years ago Also things like headache are gone. Maybe thats a benefit of drinking enough, too.
Another, very funny thing that makes me realy happy and I hope its not rude to talk about that - my sexual function is crazy, never worked like that since years! I could not belive that. I thought, I am going impotent soon. So is that a benefit of stopping grains and sugar and so on?

That brings me to my main topic why I started thinking about my livestile again: In my family, coronary heart disease is number one of my male relatives. Both grandpas died on heart attack, my father and many uncles/cousins do have problems with heart diseases and diabtes and so on. But all of them had or have the typical western livestily... working hard and have a lot of stress, eating "gut buergerlich", means the common diet that the goverment is telling as the one and only true diet!

I also watched many of my colleagues. Working all the day on the computer, eating fast food, gaining weight, loosing hair (vertex) and becoming depressive. Sure, its normal that I watch things I am suffering on myself, but its not that just some have similar problems - its many!

So, like I said, I decided to not go the same way and recreate myself.
Dunno if I can recreate everything - but I belive that I had a lot of warning signals in my life. And many I just ignored, most time because I did not know better. But I know that livestile can change alot.

So I thought to write at least once a week how I feel, what I did and whats "new" on me
I hope you can help me with that, the forum and articles on MDA helped alot already!

Thanks for reading!