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    Quote Originally Posted by MalPaz View Post
    ive tried them....spent the next morning on the toilet....they are nutritionally void of anything whatsoever...

    get a veggie julienner and use zucchini, mushrooms etc and the tast it much better. or spaghetti squash, it is worth the carbs in taste and better digestion
    They are a LOT of fiber so this can happen. They do offer a fiber benefit if that's important to you. I just like them.

    I also find that the Spirooli spiralizer I bought two years ago is the best kitchen gadget ever. Best $ I ever spent! Makes the best pasta from veggies ever.

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    Anyone here tried or heard of kelp noodles? I saw them at a co-op in California I visited last week right next to the shirataki. Looked decent though a little more expensive ($3.50 vs. $2).

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