This has reference to complementary feeding and the Association for Dietetics in South Africa - and a lot of other matters.

From a recent column in Biz News:

That got me looking into ADSA’s sponsors. A recent investigation by the consumer group, Grass Action, shows cereal maker Kellogg’s to be a major sponsor, as it is of dietitians’ associations worldwide. Other sponsors include Woolworths, the sugar industry, via Equisweet, a sweetener product made by Hulett’s, and at times Nestle, Unilver and even Coca Cola for nutrition education events – which can sound oxymoronic.

Kellogg’s doesn’t just sponsor ADSA, it has staff on ADSA’s executive committee: Linda Drummond, Kellogg’s nutrition and public affairs manager; Cheryl Meyer, Kellogg’s nutrition assistant.
Just a little sample from this very good article:

Is Tim Noakes REALLY SA's new 'Dr Death'? Here's a big fat surprise! -

Verner Wheelock in the UK commented "When you're in a hole, ADSA, stop digging"

They went after Prof Noakes, and now a load of stuff they wouldn't want people to know comes tumbling out into the public eye.

If the Health Professions Council of South Africa doesn't uphold Prof Noakes - who's said nothing the Canadian Paediatric Society and various other authorities haven't - then it's difficult to see how it wouldn't lose all credibility with the public.