Hello dear Community,

my name is sant0s (Markus), I am 33 years old and live in Portugal.
I lived kinda primal some time ago and stopped it when I moved to Portugal last year.
Not because I wanted, but the community I am living in at the moment is vegan, so it is not alowed to eat meat or fish.
But the step helped me, to get out of my stressfull life in germany.

The next step starts next month: I am moving to a fantastic place on the Atlantic Ocean, near Nazare if any surfers are out here ;-)
I think the biggest wave ever was ridden and filmed there - so its a very rough part of the ocean.

So since I am that kinda typical "victim" of a western diet and I am going with big steps into some western deseases, I realy hope to improve my health with primal living.

Actually, when I look back, there where so many warnings: with 17 I got a very strange probleme suddenly and was deaf on my left ear for some weeks, an "infarct" in my ear. The doctores had no answer. Since than I have that tinitus, most time on the left, sometimes on the right ear. In Sterss Situations it becomes strong, sometimes its gone.
A man in the hospital said, that I should take care of my heart - but I just did not take it seriously.

Another problem is my sweating and flushing. Since 15 or 16 I start sweating. And it becomes worst and worst every year. The doctors said, its not a problem, I am just sweating more. but since it started, it never felt right. Not because of the shame. Its the amount and the dynamic it takes year by year. Even the smallest moves make me sweat.

I used to walk or bicycle my way to work. That was every day 13 km. But instead of improving my condition, I became slower and it started to become more heavy to go that way. Made me thinking again, that something is wrong.

I have problems with breathing, hair loss since 3 years, potent and peeing problems (33 years...), too.

So I decided, to go out of the city and start working less on the computer - its heavy to stop working that much! But I managed to work 6 hours per day only. I am making 3D Computeranimations.

So now I am living in that vegan community and stopped eating meat, very seldom in the city I eat some meat or fish. But since I dont wanna eat that big amount of grains and other compensation foods, I became very thin.
I eat potatos and rice and vegetables. The only animal product is butter, but thats a very poor quality over here.

3 weeks ago I got a herpes zoster. Gladly I dont need any painkillers anymore and beside sume itching, I am on the best way to heal - but I went to the ocean, eat alot of good fish, thinking positiv and decided, to go to the ocean.
I read, that herpes zoster can also be related to heart problems. So again a warning I guess. And there will not be that much more warnings in life.

I came here, because I watched the realy lovely video "The lost Art of Play".
That gave me the push to register and start to become primal again!

Thx for the great community and thx to Mark for giving a platform to start again!