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    Blood in Bones for Bone Broth?

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    (Rookie-Question) Bought some grass-fed bones from the butcher last night and have only previously had used chicken bones... These grass-fed bones are very bloody. Was going to put them in my crock-pot for 24 hours and slow-cook them on Low. Is this enough to kill the bacteria in the blood? I'm really trying to heal my gut and don't want to make a big mistake just because I wasn't properly informed about how to do this correctly. Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!

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    Your bones are fine. That is fairly normal with the bones I get when I buy my half steer. Fresh bone marrow looks like blood.

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    That's totally fine. If you want a clear broth you can boil the bones for 20ish minutes and discard that first batch of "broth." Then make bone broth. That's what the Chinese do...

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    If you've eaten cooked red meat eg a steak that is cooked for merely MINUTES then you've eaten cooked blood as the raw meat has plenty of visible blood.

    Milk is pasteurised ( most pathogens killed) by heating to 72 C / 161 F for 15 seconds.

    A long low simmer is at about 93 C / 200 F. The bone internals would get up to temperature fairly quickly - I'm pretty sure no pathogens are going to survive in that temperature for 24 hours

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