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Thread: IF and Coconut Oil

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    IF and Coconut Oil

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    Do you think it would still quality as IFing if I do a 24-hour fast with the exception of having 2 tablespoons of coconut oil during the 24 hours?
    So, basically I fast from dinner one night to dinner the next night and ingest the coconut the morning of my fasting day.

    I was doing the IFing without the coconut oil and I had results, but I found that I was so hungry by the time the fast ended that I took in way too many calories during my first post-fast meal. Could be because I am breastfeeding (not a newborn - don't worry)...

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    Is it a pure fast? No. Will your body burn the oil as fuel? Yep. Is it still primarily a fast? Yep. I've used coconut oil in the midst of longer fasts when I wanted to take some supplements. I tested my yogurt and creme fraiche yesterday with two half teaspoons and do not consider that breaking my fast. Some do though. I wouldn't worry about it. In fact if two tablespoons makes you that much more comfortable and not binge at the end of the fast then, imo, it's a good tool.

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