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    Cool Paleo Baking Mix?

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    If there was such a thing as a paleo pancake mix would people buy it?

    I'm thinking about starting a small business to provide paleo families with a quick and easy way to enjoy pancakes (one of my pre-paleo favorites). The mix I make requires less than 3 ingrediants from your kitchen and less than 10 minutes to make. It's like Bisquick, but better tasting and without any of that processed junk. I always felt excluded when my non-paleo family ate pancakes, does anyone else have a similar situation? Now with this mix, I can quickly whip up some paleo pancakes and boom! I'm part of the family. I'm hoping such a mix would help ease the transition for some people, but before I spend the money starting a business I want to confirm interest. Do you think this would be a popular idea?

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    I would say that you need to check for possible competitors already doing that. Depending on what you plan to put into it... I don't buy gluten-free stuff because it's full of refined sugar but I once tried a mix that had evaporated organic cane sugar as a sweetener.

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    Bona Dea Gluten Free already does this.

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    Copy:Bona Dea Gluten Free already does this. thanks

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