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    Worth Doing Badly

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    About six weeks ago, I was at a doctor's appointment and he told me to check out something called So I did. I had heard about Primal diets before, the pros and the cons, and cut down on carbs, sort of. Low carb, between plates of nachos, that sort of diet.
    I liked the website. The writing was clever, intelligent, informed and entertaining. So, 22 days ago I started the 21 Day Challenge.

    I have been doing it kind of half-assedly: good on the primal food, the sleep, the sitting in the sunshine, the playing. Not so good on the walking and the lifting, but doing some. Sprinting, not at all. Frankly, at my weight, sprinting kind of scares me.

    Anyway, after doing it badly for 21 days, I feel rested and calm and I've lost 11 lbs. Imagine what could happen if I did it well!

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    Sprinting means move at top speed for a very short period ( say 10 seconds) - that movement doesn't have to be running - it can be swimming, stationary bike etc.

    Having said that I would suggest don't sprint (yet). First you have to learn to walk before you run

    Just walk 30 min a day, after walking fitness builds and and you want to do more then consider lifting - start light.

    Later if walking increases to twice a day and lifting heavy is good MAYBE consider stationary bike sprints.

    Plates of nachos etc : you can't eat at home what you don't by at the shops - though if others keep bringing them home then it's harder.

    If you want carbs there's some potatoes, white rice, sweet potatoes, fruit.

    Just eat very low processed foods.

    My health is valuable to me and is an easy choice - your doctor seems to care enough to suggest better way - you decide if it's worth it.

    Good luck.

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