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Thread: Once Opened, How Long Do Nuts Last?

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    I keep them all in the frigde, but I didn't know that about the walnuts or the brazil nuts -- two of my favorites. How many brazil nuts is too many -- I usually eat about 4 of them 2-3x per week. I keep my walnuts in the Trader Joe's bag they come in in the fridge. I will now store them in something with lid - I often don't even shut the bag tightly.

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    This is a great question because I worry about that too. I've just bought some organic almonds and walnuts vacuum packed and then I transfer them to a lidded jar. Unfortunately the almonds after a few days go soft and fresh walnuts taste completely different ie better, I think I'll start keeping them in the fridge. Also brazils are unavailable here in their shell except maybe at Xmas so once the pack is opened they go off really quickly which is a shame as when I first open the packet they are crisp and nice tasting.
    I'm going to try the soaking and dehydrating trick mentioned above with the walnuts - thanks for the tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannon View Post
    not very long in my house;-) hehe...
    Same here:-) ...but as to the original question, I think taste can be your best guide.

    If the oil in them goes rancid, or they taste stale, you'll know...

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    I think I am going to start storing my nuts in the fridge.
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    Depends on who takes my nuts out, ify'knowwhatImean.

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