I have been following the program since mid-March and just had a lipid panel done. Doctor just called me and said he is concerned about my LDL being high and wants to test again in a few months and then put me on statins if it isn't lower. I have read several articles about how to determine what is really healthy but am still confused - maybe someone here can interpret my numbers and help me out. For the record I had no weight to lose and am a very fit 47 year old female doing P90X and playing soccer once a week - have always been an athlete. My mom takes cholesterol medication but has always been over weight and never active beyond intermittent daily walks. Prior to eating primal I had been eating a lot of lean protein and whole grains and oatmeal, but not as many vegetables as I do now.

July 2010
Total Cholesterol - 284
HDL - 93
LDL - 181
Trig - 51

Total Cholesterol - 242
HDL - 80
LDL 148
Trig - 72

Thanks for your help!