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    I have been following a lifestyle inspired by our hunter-gatherer ancestors for close to 10 months now. I feel great and have no plans of turning back.

    This 30-day challenge is a great opportunity to rededicate myself and solidify those lifestyle changes for the long haul and smooth out any current unwanted deviations.

    My goals:

    -Reemphasize lifting heavy things (5lbs of added muscle as a bonus)

    -Increase vegetable intake, decrease fruit and alcohol intake* (overall mindfulness of dietary composition)

    -Find a new career path that will cater to this new lifestyle and interest in human evolution, nutrition, and fitness

    Good luck everyone.

    *Jared Diamond's, Third Chimpanzee has an interesting discussion on drug use/abuse for anyone interested.

    We'll call today Day 0. Tomorrow I'll record food and exercise notes.

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    Day 1


    Rest Day, Walking and moving a giant walnut table


    1- 5eggs w/goat cheese, protein shake

    2- 3Chipotle barbacoa hard shell tacos, side of guacamole

    3- Protein bar

    4- Thai Red Curry w/beef (no rice), protein shake


    No big changes today. Tomorrow I plan on getting a gym membership so I can lift some heavier weights for a while. Along with that I'll go shopping and stock up on some vegetables to meet the "more veggies, less fruit" goal. Eventually I will work into the career phase goal.

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    Day 2


    Walking and some house work involving cinder blocks


    1- Chunk of cheese

    2- Terrible fake meat at Whole Foods (on accident!), Kale salad (first time eating Kale), Zucchini salad

    3- Trail Mix (mostly almonds and cashews), Some Jerky

    4- Fish Tacos with guacamole, 1 mohito (no sugar)


    Got a gym membership today, so I can lift some heavy weights. Don't plan on spending too much time there, but I want to get in some substantial lifting in the next month or two. Also, not fully satisfied with the dietary intake today, but I did do a better job at getting more vegetables. Tomorrow will be even better. And I get to move some furniture!

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