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Thread: Citrus-Chili Short Ribs

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    Citrus-Chili Short Ribs

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    Citrus-and-Chile-Braised Short Ribs Recipe - Bon Appétit

    I'm subscribed to Bon Appetit because they sent me a REALLY nice bribe... a magnet with conversions on it, it's snazzy... and I just did this recipe straight from their magazine. SO. AWESOME! I didn't get much chili but the lime at the end MADE the dish. I didn't do cilantro either, just didn't have any. Great over toasted kohlrabi greens.
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    I just bought some short ribs that were on sale and didn't have a recipe in mind, but wanted to do something different from the traditional red wine braise. I will be trying this out. Thanks for sharing!

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