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    Eggs with asparagus

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    From Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I guess this would make a nice breakfast dish, a tasty first course at dinner, or really would fit in in lots of places.

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    I do something like this in a (slightly) less fussy way by frying the asparagus in butter in the pan with some coarse salt, plate it, then fry an egg in the same pan, sunny-side up. egg goes on top of the asparagus. dig in with knife and fork.

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    Yep, eggs and asparagus have been a favourite of mine for decades. Asparagus beats little toast soldiers any day!

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    I like to sauté my asparagus in bacon fat (almost said butter) with some onion and then pour the eggs in when the asparagus is almost done. I do add a piece of the chemical laiden not-so-good american cheese when the eggs are almost cooked through, fold over, flip once, and enjoy with some bacon...

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