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    Hello, I am longtime passive reader and yesterday I decided to sign up. I have a long history of eating shitty, eating too much, moving to little, drinking too much alcohol, being injured often and therefore being quite overweight for a long time of my life. I am currently 31 and from Germany. For the most part of my youth I was an active soccer player, but starting with the age of puberty I gained weight nonetheless.

    I am 181 cm and my highest weight was about 111 kg, which may not sound too much compared to others but because of my structure (big chest cage, narrow arms) it looked really ugly. Some years ago I said good bye to my old habits and lost some weight, but although I got down to 80 kg I struggled to keep the weight and I am at about 87-88 kg right now.

    I have bad knees from soccer (I had an injured ACL in my left knee and a meniscus injury in the other), I had a broken collar bone which has been broken so bad that I needed surgery and got a 14 cm nail inserted, have some troubles with my shoulders and the tendons (although this is more or less in check most of the time) and often crave for shitty food. To keep a lower weight or to get the weight down I have to keep a very, very strict diet with quite low calories and keep up doing sports regularly (which I struggled with because of some injuries).

    I have a very nice girlfriend and I work in the adult education department, a job which makes me fun. Overall my life isn't too stressed, but I often struggle to keep up with my goals. My favorite foods are quite primal right now, but I am more or less addicted to what we call Leberkäse in Germany. Must have something to do with me being Bavarian.

    Well, to make it short, I want to use this Journal to keep myself motivated because others can see my progress. I am doing weight training 3-4 times per week at the moment and will right down what I have done when I was in the weight room. Next to that I will write down what I have eaten each day, how much I have eaten, how I have felt and other random thoughts. From time to time I will post pics of myself to illustrate the progress. Maybe I also will take some pics from random activities like hiking (to show you the beauty of my homeland) and pics from my food (but only if it looks delicious).

    Here's how I look right now, you can see my arms which are slimly built (as I weighed 110 kg my upper arm was 29 cm...) and my belly which is too fat. Sorry the pics aren't too good because of the lighting but you should be able to see enough:

    Since I said progress, what are my goals? Well I wanna keep up eating well and healthy, stay active, get leaner and stronger and keep up a satisfying life. Regarding eating I will have to keep track of calories. There's no other way around it. I can eat such big portions that it's nearly impossible for me to stop when I am full, because when I am full, others already would have puked 10 times.

    Thanks for all readers and stay primal.

    (And before you ask, since I get this question a lot: "Are you a Nazi because of your Iron Cross tattoos?" - No I am not, of course! I am a Psychobilly/Rockabilly which got Primal. )

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    You're not starting from a bad spot at all. You're going to do great as long as you stick with it!

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